Fiji Dreaming With Josh Ku

Fiji Dreaming With Josh Ku

Josh Ku 23 Mar 2017

I’m fortunate enough to call Fiji my second home. For 4 weeks a year (spread throughout the year) I get to lay my head each night at a little island named Namotu, a stones throw from the notable surf spots Cloudbreak and Restaurants. Whilst it is actually a working holiday, as I am a surf guide ensuring guests staying on the island are surfing the best spots when they are on, there is nowhere else I would rather be than here and getting paid for getting tubed. Being a goofy footer all I want to do is go left and this is exactly what I’m lucky enough to do at world-class breaks.


The island itself is about the size of a football oval, with sweeping palms and white sand cascading into turquoise water. It looks like something out of a Microsoft desktop background. I spend my days in the surf hooting guests into the waves of their life, and also snagging a few of my own. But if the waves aren’t working, I'm on the boat spearfishing the likes of Spanish mackerel, giant trevally, coral trout, and dogtooth tuna. Local fresh fish is on the menu on the daily, straight from the boat to the kitchen. Back on land, things can get a little rowdy of an evening where Sova, the bar tender from the mainland, mixes up the infamous ‘skull drag’… A lethal cocktail of any spirit she can find, topped with a drop of grenadine and consumed through a snorkel. It’s a longstanding tradition to shave the head of new staff after they pass out. During my first stint, I got scalped and the boys hid the razor for the rest of the week so I had no choice but to rock a number zero on top with my tresses hanging long at the back.


All photos by Peter Joli and Mark Thompson